Mohsin Nawaz: A Story of Long-Range Shooting and True Inspiration for Every Pakistani Sports Athlete

Who is Mohsin Nawaz?

Mohsin Nawaz is a renowned long-range shooter from Pakistan who has achieved significant success in national and international competitions. He has been involved in the sport of competitive shooting for the past 20 years. His dedication and passion for the sport are evident in his trophy cabinet, which speaks volumes about his stature.

Mohsin Nawaz has made a name for himself in international championships, including the Bisley long-range competition, where he won five medals. He is also a sports physiologist and holds a certification as a sports nutritionist. His expertise in the physical and mental aspects of sports performance may contribute to his success as a shooter.

Mohsin Nawaz made history in the world of international F-class shooting by completing 400 shots in international matches in April 2023. This accomplishment showcases his skill and endurance as a long-range shooter. 

How Did Mohsin Nawaz Get into Long-Range Shooting?

Mohsin Nawaz got into long-range shooting through his passion for the sport and years of dedication. He has acquired Competition Hand Loading training from L.B.I Precision in preparation for competitions.

Passion for the sport: Mohsin Nawaz has been passionate about long-range shooting for the last 20 years.
Competitive Shooting Career: Mohsin Nawaz has attained noteworthy success in national and international shooting competitions. His accomplishments include winning multiple medals in the Bisley Long Range Shooting Competition.
Dedication and training: Mohsin Nawaz’s dedication to the sport is manifest in his accomplishments and the time he has devoted to it. He has sharpened his skills and expertise over the course of his 20-year journey. Additionally, he has undergone extensive training and practice to excel in long-range shooting.
Inspiration from Local Competition: Mohsin Nawaz was inspired by a local competition to pursue F-class competitive shooting. He was motivated by the challenge and complexity of the sport.

What Competitions Have Mohsin Nawaz Participated In?

Mohsin Nawaz has participated in several national and international shooting competitions throughout his career. Here are some of the competitions he has participated in.

Rocky Mountain at Montana (2016): Mohsin Nawaz exhibited his prowess in long-range shooting by participating in this international competition.
NRA US Nationals (2018): Mohsin Nawaz also competed in the NRA US Nationals, a prestigious international competition where he demonstrated his exceptional skills in long-range shooting.
Bisley Long Range Shooting Competition: Mohsin Nawaz has attained considerable success in the Bisley Long Range Shooting Competition. In the most recent competition, he won five medals, further solidifying his reputation as a skilled long-range shooter.

What Types of Shooting Events Does Mohsin Nawaz Specialized In? Mohsin Nawaz is a specialist in long-range shooting, particularly in the F Class shooting discipline. He has attained considerable success in national and international competitions, including the Bisley Long Range Shooting Competition, where he has won five medals. Additionally, he has competed in international competitions such as the Rocky Mountain in Montana and the NRA US Nationals. Mohsin Nawaz’s expertise in long-range shooting is apparent in his achievements and medals, making him a prominent figure in the shooting community.

What are Some Key Skills That Mohsin Nawaz Thinks Are Important for Long Range Shooting?

Precision: Long-range shooting requires precision and accuracy in every shot. Shooters must be able to hit their targets consistently and accurately over long distances.

Focus and concentration: Long-range shooting demands mental focus and concentration. Shooters must be able to maintain their focus and concentration for extended periods, even in challenging conditions.

Understanding of ballistics: Shooters must have a solid understanding of ballistics, including bullet trajectory, wind drift, and bullet drop. This knowledge is essential for making accurate shots over long distances.

Equipment knowledge: Shooters must have a good understanding of different types of rifles, scopes, and ammunition. This knowledge is essential for choosing the right equipment that suits their shooting style and goals.

Physical fitness: Long-range shooting requires physical fitness and stability. Shooters must be able to maintain a stable shooting position for extended periods, even in challenging conditions.

Mental preparation: Long-range shooting requires mental preparation and discipline. Shooters must be able to manage stress, stay calm, and maintain their focus during competitions.

What Strategies Does Mohsin Nawaz Like Better to Stay Focused During Long-range Shooting Competitions?

Mental Preparation: Prior to competitions, shooters may engage in mental preparation techniques such as visualization, positive self-talk, and goal setting. This helps them mentally prepare for the challenges they may face during the competition.

Breathing and Relaxation Techniques: Shooters may utilize breathing and relaxation techniques to manage stress and stay calm during competitions. Deep breathing exercises and mindfulness techniques can help maintain focus and reduce anxiety.

Routine and Consistency: Establishing a consistent routine before and during competitions can help shooters stay focused. This may include consistent warm-up exercises, pre-shot routines, and maintaining a consistent mental and physical approach to each shot.

Focus on the Process: Instead of getting overwhelmed by the outcome or the pressure of the competition, shooters often focus on the process of executing each shot. By concentrating on the fundamentals, technique, and shot execution, they can stay present and maintain focus.

Block out Distractions: Long-range shooters may develop strategies to block out distractions during competitions. This can involve maintaining a narrow focus on the target, using mental imagery to create a mental bubble, or using ear protection to minimize external noise.

How Does Mohsin Nawaz Train for Shooting in Different Weather Conditions

Wind: Wind is one of the most significant factors that can affect long-range shooting accuracy. To train for shooting in windy conditions, shooters can practice reading wind direction and speed, adjusting their aim accordingly, and using wind flags to gauge wind conditions.

Temperature: Temperature can also affect long-range shooting accuracy, as it can cause changes in air density and bullet trajectory. To train for shooting in different temperatures, shooters can practice adjusting their aim and equipment settings for different temperature ranges.

Humidity: Humidity can affect bullet stability and accuracy, particularly in humid conditions. To train for shooting in humid conditions, shooters can practice adjusting their aim and equipment settings for different humidity levels.

Rain and snow: Shooting in rainy or snowy conditions can be challenging due to the impact on visibility and equipment. To train for shooting in these conditions, shooters can practice using waterproof equipment, maintaining a stable shooting position, and adjusting their aim for reduced visibility.

Practice in different conditions: To prepare for shooting in different weather conditions, shooters should practice in a variety of conditions, including windy, hot, cold, humid, and rainy/snowy conditions. This will help them develop the skills and experience needed to adapt to changing conditions during competitions.

What are Some of the Different Weather Conditions That Mohsin Nawaz Has Trained For?

Mohsin Nawaz has trained and competed in several weather conditions throughout his career, As a competitive long-range shooter, it is important for athletes like Mohsin Nawaz to be prepared to shoot in different weather conditions such as wind, rain, heat, and cold. This requires adaptability, experience, and the ability to make adjustments to shooting techniques and equipment settings.

Mohsin Nawaz

A National and International F-class Shooting Champion, I offer training and guidance to aspiring athletes to help them hone their skills and reach their potential in the sport. Also, I understand the value of proper nutrition for athletes. I pursued my interest in sports nutrition and gained respect in the industry.

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