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A Brief Overview

Yes! You can explore Mohsin Nawaz’s journey as a competitive shooter, from his early days on the range to the championships and titles he has won throughout his career.
  • National and International Medalist
  • Sports Psychologist
  • Sports Nutritionist
  • Self-Defence Trainer & Coach
  • Life Coach
Mohsin Nawaz is a National and International F-Class Shooting Medalist, an accomplishment that took numerous hours of practice, focus, and effort.

He loves athletics and knows how important it is to eat well and give the body the nourishment it needs to function at its best. He also pursued his interest in sports nutrition because of this and gained a lot of respect in this industry. He sincerely believes that a balanced and customized diet is an important component of an athlete’s training regimen, and works hard to support other athletes in achieving their optimum performance through good nutrition.

My RecentActivities

Celebrating my F-Class Long Range Shooting Championship Wins: An Interview with Geo Pakistan

Recently, I had the pleasure of being interviewed on “Geo Pakistan”, where I talked about my long-range shooting championship wins and the journey that led me to claim the title. In this interview, I shared some of the key strategies and techniques that helped me hone my skills and achieve my goals. Check out the full interview to learn more about my passion for shooting and my commitment to excellence.

My Interview is Featured on "Hashtag"

I had the privilege of being featured on the well-known talk show “Hashtag” by PTV Home where I shared views on my most recent endeavors and talked about how important it is to follow one’s passion. Learn more about my path, my vision, and my strategy for success by watching the entire interview.

A Cup of 'Expresso' with Me: Exclusive Interview on Express News

I was invited to be a guest on the talk show ‘Expresso’ on Express News, where I spoke about some of my latest projects and achievements.
In this interview, I discussed how I pursued my passion, overcame challenges, and found success. Watch the full interview and hear some of my personal insights and get inspired to follow your own dreams.

Photo Gallery

S A Open Championship

Congratulations Rofles on your incredible achievements as the F.T.R world champion 2023 and S.A. Champion 2023.
I Mohsin Nawaz so proud to stand beside you as you reach such incredible heights in your career. Your hard work, dedication, and passion have truly paid off, and it’s a moment of immense pride for me and Pakistan.
SA open championship
two experts shooters standing with mohsin nawas
mohsin nawas registration number
mohsin nawas sitting with expert sniper shooter
mohsin nawas receiving award
mohsin nawas standing with expert shooters

68th Bisley Long Range Championship

Alhamdulilah with Allah’s infinite blessing bagged 05 medals at the 68th Bisley Long Range Championship.
sniper with medals
mohsin nawas with pakistan flag
WP skietbond bisley association
mohsin nawas shaking hands with an elder
mohsin nawas sniping for tryouts

Training Sessions

Sessions are important to me for a variety of reasons as they facilitate efficient interactions, whether in the context of meetings, or training programs.
mohsin nawas giving speech
mohsin nawas in conference room
mohsin nawas with army representatives
mohsin nawas training kid
kid sniping
mohsin nawas shooting with pistol
mohsin nawas training teenager
mohsin nawas training army senior
training session with mohsin nawas
mohsin nawas checking sniper
mohsin nawas training student
mohsin nawas standing with collage students
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Sponsor Appreciation Corner

Proudly supported by industry leaders who share a passion for precision and excellence in shooting sports. A heartfelt thank you to our sponsors for their invaluable support in fueling my journey as an F-Class shooting medalist, enabling me to reach new heights on the range and beyond.

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Here, you people will find a variety of topics related to Long-range Shooting, including its trends, news, and best practices one can use. I’ll also share my own experiences and insights, as well as tricks, tips and advices to help you to grow and succeed.

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Grateful for God’s blessings, my achievements have garnered international recognition on esteemed platforms like US Reporter, New York Daily, Sportz Weekly, and many more.
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