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As a National and International F-class Shooting Medalist, I offer training and guidance to aspiring athletes to help them hone their skills and reach their potential in the sport. Also, I understand the value of proper nutrition for athletes. I pursued my interest in sports nutrition and gained respect in the industry

From where itall Started

I wanted to share the journey, I have embarked upon in the world of competitive shooting sports. From a young age, I’ve been captivated by the thrill of hunting and shooting. This deep-rooted passion was kindled by my father, whose own fervor for the hunt became an unwavering source of inspiration for me. Growing up in a family of outdoors enthusiasts, I was exposed to the world of sports, hunting Firearms at a relatively young age. While initially, it was just a hobby, over time, I began to take shooting more seriously and started to participate in local competitions.

mohsin nawas 1st place award


It all began with the competitions at POF Wah Cantt Shooting Club and Gun Club in Islamabad. As I developed an interest in club shooting, I soon realized that I was surpassing the expectations of a beginner. It became evident to me that this was a natural skill and talent within me that had emerged through experience.

Over time, I achieved remarkable success in skeet, trap, and pistol shooting, securing multiple club matches. However, a pivotal moment arrived in 2007 when I emerged victorious in the individual matches of the 300-meter iron sight and 300-meter telescopic sight at PARA (Pakistan Army Rifle Association). This accomplishment served as a significant source of motivation, propelling me to take my passion seriously. The thrill of the chase, the precision of the shots, and the challenge of hitting the target; all came together in a way that ignited a passion within me. I began to train harder, to learn more about the mechanics of shooting, and to hone my skills.


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Now, years later, I am a competitive F-class sports shooter, having competed and placed in National and International competitions across the world. Shooting is not just a sport for me, it’s a way of life. The feeling of the rifle in my hands, the focus required to take the perfect shot, and the sense of accomplishment when placing a bullet in V bull, are all part of the experience that keeps me coming back for more.

"I firmly believe that my achievements would not have been possible without the blessings of Allah and the unwavering support of my parents. It is because of them that I am standing here today, reflecting on the remarkable journey I have undertaken."

What have IAchieved ?

nawas classified shootingmohsin nawas cretifications

NRA US Classification Card Holder

First Pakistani to achieve NRA US classification card in long range and mid-range F class shooting

    2nd guest of honorguest of honor

    Guest of Honor

    Guest of Honor at Jashn-e-Baharan woman Basketball championship at Home Economics university, Lahore

      mohsin nawas with commandersmohsin nawas with commanders

        Being a
        F-Class Shooting Medalist!

        Success is not just about achieving your goals, but also about the hard work, dedication, and perseverance that goes into making those achievements a reality
        Paraglidingachievement certification of mohsin nawas

        Paragliding Course Completion

        Successfully completed paragliding course by Army school of physical training.

          ambassador of jordan awards mohsin nawasambassador of jordan awards mohsin nawas

          Dep. Ambassador of Jordan Mr. Abdul Raheem Y Hassan

          Honor to Meet Dep. Ambassador of Jordan to have a join training session and preparing competitive sports team in Jordan.

            mohsin nawas shooting championmohsin nawas shooting champion
              bisley long range shooting certificatebisley long range shooting certificate
                LBI precision certificate of trainingLBI precision certificate of training
                  lahore garrison cretificate of achievementlahore garrison cretificate of achievement

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                    What WeBelieve !

                    "Talent hunt in youngsters of Pakistan is an important aspect of fostering creativity, innovation, and excellence among the youth."
                    Mohsin Nawaz
                    F-Class Shooting Medalist
                    Identifying and nurturing competitive sports abilities in youngsters can help them in developing a skilled sportsman for the future and contribute to the growth and development of country.

                    The words of the Champion indicates that how important it is to identify talent in today’s young generation. Being in the sports of competitive Shooting for past 20 years, he want to share his story with all of us, his trophy cabinet speaks about his stature. Mohsin has been National and International Medalist. Along with these achievements he is also First Pakistani NRA (US) classification card holder in Long range shooting. As someone who is actually recognized as a National asset. He is organizing a session to talk about his experiences and wants to guide the new generation about his discipline.

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                    The champion, pouring his heart out, by saying:
                    "The key to a successful talent hunt is to provide opportunities for young people to have maximum awareness. Shooting sport has so much potential to achieve National and International medals. I believe this can be achieved by creating a platform along with all of my certifications, achievements, skill and experience. I can train candidates for National and International competitions"
                    Mohsin Nawaz believes that recognizing and celebrating the achievements of sportsmen is vital for a nation’s growth. He argues that just as the film and music industries in Pakistan have expanded due to public interest, sports can also flourish if people show interest and support.


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                    Additionally, Mohsin is passionate about counseling and helping others develop positive thought processes. So, an opportunity for all of us to attend this wonderful session by Mohsin Nawaz in which he’ll be discussing,


                    • Various shooting disciplines
                    • Self Defence Awareness
                    • Sports Nutrition
                    • Importance of physical and mental strength
                    • How to gauge your nerves
                    • Direction for Candidates seeking serious interest in shooting sports.
                    • Guidance for students who want to serve their country in field of competitive shooting sports.
                    • Opportunity for participants to achieve National and International medals.
                    Interested candidates for online sessions please contact Mohsin Nawaz on his social media via Direct Message. Participants will be further guided.
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